Yousei Teikoku (Das Feenreich) ‘Autoscopy’ : Rips you up in the most symphonically epic.

Yousei Teikoku (Das Feenreich)

Yousei Teikoku (also known as Das Feenreich) is a five-member Japanese musical unit formed in 1997. Their music mixes elements of gothic rock, heavy metal, electronic and classical music.

A musical unit driven by the talents of Yui Teikoku and Takaha Tachibana, they produce melodies which combine such genres as techno, trance, gothic, and heavy rock. All heavy and intense.

Their aim is to revive the devastated fairy empire through musical activities in an era when few people believe in fairies.

The band consists of: Her Highness Yui, ryöga, XiVa, Nanami, Gight and Takaha.

Feel the power of this prog-symphonic epic-ness.


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