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YOUTH ON SODA Shares ‘Soda Pop’. “Bizarro Punk That Hits The Mark. Double Check.”

This is what we like. Hard, fast, chaotic, controlled, and deviously more ‘punk’ than most ‘punk’ out there. Unassuming YOUTH ON SODA is fabulous to listen to. Their honest lyrics on top of honest chords, make the band an ideal addition to that weekend get-away (which you haven’t had a chance to get-away, to).

The L.A. based ‘Queer Noise Trio’ has been making awesomeness and they continue with ‘Soda Pop’.

The single is a ‘declaration’ into what a selfish and very much ‘fervent’ individual says to the act of attraction. The other is ‘beautiful’, and you think ‘I should be with…’

Then BAM! You sing this song with your heart on your sleeve – for all to see, criticize, and mull over.

Feedback. Check.

Straight forward lyrics. Check.

Punk attitude in L.A. chic-ness? Check.

Bizarro punk that hits the mark? Double check.

Bandmates Ori Levi, Chloe Mays, and Jared Frazier has it goin’ on and we want to travel that decadent road with them for a while.

Next up @ The Satellite in L.A. on September 20th.



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