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yOya Shares Single ‘I Don’t Wanna Fight’. Emotive Aspects Of The Lyrics And Intentions

Emotions become tattered, as frequency of unproductive interactions become an every second, and every day occurrence. Draining of the energy stores, quickens and intensifies.

You get older.

You get angrier.

You become anger.

Enveloping what negativities that overcome you. Accepting what is…but not liking it, one bit.

“I Don’t Wanna Fight is about a certain kind of fight that you can feel coming a long ways off but can’t seem to outrun. Negotiations break down, the parties back into their corners, and it’s happening again. But the song cries out for peace, hands up in surrender.”

Let’s not do so. Let’s not give in.

yOya is a project of Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich, where their method of musical expression has become a very much an entity of its own – based in folk, but incorporating world music enthusiasms which highlight many emotive aspects of the lyrics and intentions.

Their 2nd album ‘The Half Turn’ drops July 20.



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