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yOya Shares ‘When The World Was Young’. “Go To There.”

We’d done a review of their single ‘I Don’t Wanna Fight’. In it, we described it with words like: “Emotions become tattered, as frequency of unproductive interactions become an every second, and every day occurrence. Draining of the energy stores, quickens and intensifies.”

All that really filters down to is that yOya is a battery of Simon & Garfunkle sometimes and we at CHF can’t take it anymore. It’s all in a good way.

In the greatest possible way.

And the ‘greatest possible way’ is that fresh coat of paint; like the fresh dash of salt on that meal; like that sorbet ice-cream that you shared with you love, then you take a bite at the same mark. The pop-sprinkling on all yOya’s singles are just too dang good to miss.

In all, all their songs (including ‘When The World Was Young’) takes you on a happy-go-lucky-it’ll-be-okay kind of trip. We want to be on that journey, with them, always.

Anywho, their 2nd album ‘The Half Turn’ drops July 20 and is fabulous to listen to, on Spotify (go to there).

yOya is a project of Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich, where their method of musical expression has become a very much an entity of its own – based in folk, but incorporating world music enthusiasms which highlight many emotive aspects of the lyrics and intentions.



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