Yuanfen ‘L1’ : Indicative of a beat that beats with unobtrusive talent and imagination.


Currently based in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and London (UK), Yuanfen is a project of two friends, collaborating across borders. They officially formed in 2019, following a couple of collaborative projects and a shared mutual interest in creating something unique.

Dance-infused downtempo indie that draws from a broad spectrum of influences — from UK underground music to dream pop. Think washed out guitars; crisp, swung percussion; hard-hitting in the low end; airy synths, pads, and textures to tie everything together.

And as the ripe re-visions of taxing auras and consummate envelopment, the shining absolution abounds with confidence through the lyrical story and emotive uncertainties.

Deep and profound, the reach of the radiation from ‘L1’ is indicative of a beat that beats with unobtrusive talent and imagination.

‘L1’ is that. And then some.

Looking fore more. Searching forever after.


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