Yucky Poor ‘BRB Selling Out’ : Let’s sell-out-like-you’d-never-sold-out. Ever.

Yucky Poor

Coupled with a conceptual video, BRB Selling Out ponders what a “sellout” really is.

Yucky Poor, in the midst of an artistic transition from hip-hop to pop, underwent much scrutiny from his peers, who would call him a “sellout.” The first verse of this bedroom pop ballad touches on Yucky’s reasoning for a newly found more commercial approach to music, while the second confronts those who scrutinize Yucky.

They, too, are selling out to “the man” by getting a 9-5 desk job. The song ends with a reflective bridge taking the listener back to a qualm-less childhood, and a euphoric climax of bells, beach guitars and ocean waves.

Waves of this and that. Is it greener on the other side? It just turns out that it’s just better where you sit.

Just like that job for the ‘man’, you should be your own ‘man’ and work like crazy.

Yucky Poor does. It’s his calling.



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