Yune ‘Maple’ : Dark and dusky. Emotionally brooding.


On ‘Maple’ percussive elements and snippets of synth-lead skate over the backbone of synth bass and cello like insects landing on the surface of a lake, while Tobias Sachsen’s vocals take on a chant-like air; as if recorded and performed in absolute isolation. Yune showcases a dark and dusky side of their sound, and hints at the stylistic diversity of their debut album ‘AGOG’ (May 22).

Erlend Eggestad and Nikolaj Bugge’s guitars whirl around and through each other like a dust devil across the desert floor, combining Tuareg sleight and a blockier/linear Western sensibility. Synthesizers shimmer like heat in the air, while bassist Mads Flethøj Ege and drummer Tobias Andreassen create a rolling, heavy backbone – a motion that feels as if navigating treacherous ground.

‘Agog’ is the highly anticipated upcoming debut album, recorded and mixed with producer Nis Bysted (Thulebasen, Iceage), which will be out on May 22nd.


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