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Yung Heazy // Fortnight In Florida // Daniel Armstrong // The Vedettes // Michael Costantini

Yung Heazy – Kool Musik

Seinfeld episode??? F*ck yea. But with music. LOL. Just listen. The gang is fabulous and we all should dig this. The Vancouver BC based bedroom-pop artist YUNG HEAZY has cemented himself as one of the pillars of the emerging slacker pop scene on the world scale. Did he though?? F*ck yea he did. Dig this music video that just kicks your hemorrhoids away to lala land, for a beautiful moment. Smile.

Fortnight In Florida – I Can’t Wait Forever

“‘I Can’t Wait Forever’ is the city at night. A nocturne in blue. It is a story told through the shotgun clap of beats and pulsing synthesisers. The speaker and the listener are in Phillies together at 3 AM, in the fall of 50’s Manhattan as black coffee is poured through the hanging pall of cigarette smoke and steam. Rain lashes the sidewalk outside and a neat bourbon sits untouched by the man in the blue suit whose gaze is fixed on some point, beyond our frame or comprehension. He is waiting for her but she no longer lives in the shared dream of the previous night. ‘I Can’t Wait Forever’ is about the hours lost waiting; lost in the myths we create. How can we ever decide which dreams to follow?” Lovely tone of neon blues in this delight. Like melting candy and a host of replies to the love that might get away from you. Don’t.

Daniel Armstrong – Reasons why

Instincts of production is easy to recognize. Though DANIEL ARMSTRONG has only been producing for a short while, it’s very much evident that his fingers and brain knows what to do. The 21 year old from Ballarat, Victoria (Australia) signs off with a distinct clasp for the ominous, with the urgent chime of charm in his notes though single ‘Reasons Why’. There is more to come from the producer and much more to give through his songs. Let’s see where he can go from here.

The Vedettes – What Do You Say?

This new release sees the York-based quintet trying their hand at grunge – taking scuzzy riffs and wailing solos – and updating it with a 2019 indie dance sensibility. The distinctive tones and riffs displayed by Alfie Gerzimbke resonate with the backbeat and blend well with the intricate drum patterns played by Michele Pascale, whist the driving bass and rhythm guitar work of James Butterworth and Tim Erimhan underpin the song giving it a firm grounding. The debut of new frontman Kell Chambers’ powerful yet distinct vocals project the sound to new audiences providing that aggressive bite that the band felt was missing with Kell still able to seep it back while complimenting the groove of the verses.

Michael Costantini – The Weight is Lifted

Fourth new release this year. A pleasing upbeat pop tune. Catchy melody with inclusive and uplifting message. Having been a big part of the Toronto music scene for over 12 years, the singer/songwriter/guitarist with the mostest, keeps it real with his single. It reminds us of what’s so good about life. Love is what it is. It is all encompassing and exciting when it’s right. Let’s clap some more with this enchanting single, where our heads and hearts can pounce with pride and love for love’s sake. Let’s rejoice with ‘The Weight Is Lifted’.


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