Yung Ugly Bastard ‘Abomination (Prod. Weird Beats I Make)’ : Certainly will grind your gears to the next level.

Yung Ugly Bastard

“This song is a metaphor for free thinking and how being yourself can be perceived as “dangerous” or “outlandish.” People will hate what they don’t understand and being or thinking differently is one way to put a target on your back. I recorded this while I had a cold but I really wanted to get this track out. I spent a long time getting just the sound I wanted and im ready to show it off.”

Loud. Obnoxious. Totally within your lane. Yung Ugly Bastard’s ‘Abomination’ is certainly that to most, but a tropical truth to the initiated. A variance, of weird rock hiphop grizzle, ‘Abomination’ certainly will grind your gears to the next level.

Yung Ugly Bastard: “Don’t be afraid to think. Don’t be afraid to be unique. The world needs more Bastards.”


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