Yung Ugly Bastard ‘Backstab (Prod. Mud)’ : Concept at its most dank. Music at its most visceral.

Yung Ugly Bastard

We don’t know if Yung Ugly Bastard is young, ugly, or is a bastard. One thing we know though is that he knows how to scream and does it right.

In ‘Backstab’, the sound is loud, but it’s exquisite. It’s luxury in the best of what Beastie Boys would be like, if turned x 10.

‘Backstab’ is short. It’s too short. Want more. That’s what you think about when listening to it.

Then you become a bit mad at Yung Ugly Bastard for offering such as short tease.

Oh. Maybe he likes teasing.

He is a bastard, after all.

Look for more from this experimental alt-rap talent.

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Backstab is live NOW on soundcloud! Hope you enjoy!

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