Yuno Shares Fabulous Official Video of Single ‘No Going Back’.

Summer is here. Well, it’s on its way, at least. And we know which music video is our official ‘Here Comes The Indie Summer 2018’ will be. And that is this visual offering from Yuno’s single ‘No Going Back’.

The song’s got all the elements: Love, Relationship, ‘I saw the dark side’, Desire, ‘I Will Survive’, ‘Let’s Start Over’.

Like anything in life, it’s sometimes a ‘Hero’s Journey’ of sorts. We feel invincible. We get hurt. We sulk. We are depressed. We’re confused.

Then we wake up, and always eventually.

We open our eyes. We shower out our worries. Then take that Journey – that road into the mountains to seek out our truths, and meanings.

Find it.

Absorb it.

Digest it.

Exude it, in life.

Live again.

Yuno’s fab and has that light, airy feeling to his lyrics and presentation in his songs. However, the meanings behind the songs are personal and very introspective. Listen to his past singles and he’s a multi-genre artist with lots of things to say, and profess.

We’re fans, for sure.

Let’s start the summer of 2018, off right.

Yuno signed with Sub Pop and announced that early in the year. The new video has been their first output.

We’ll be looking for even more awesome stuff from the collaboration, for sure.

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