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Yuri & Neil – Carrying Wheel

Yuri & Neil’s Carrying Wheel turns up and down, normally commercial and soundtrack sounds, into their own, nu wave style extravaganza.

Yep. ‘Carrying Wheel’ starts innocuously with advertisement synthetics.

But oh, it changes in a blink, to a more amalgamation of fun and antic-ridden notes.

Falko is the name of the frontman of Yuri & Neil. And in a degree, just like the 80’s phenomenon and artist, ‘Falco’ (with a ‘c’) the weirdness, and twists and turns are integrated fascinatingly by this, Falko (with a ‘k’).

There’s no direct comparison to be had with the two artists, but the coincidental elements within this song is there and can’t deny the effect they have.

It’s an odd feeling though – but acceptable. Gives us a bit of smile, to be honest.

There’s no one thread to describe the band’s ambitions and direction.

But oddly we like it this way.

Anywho, the sense of humor from the band, and their subsequent seriousness in their craft is obvious.

Their primal urge is to entertain, with a whole gamut of tools and innovations.

And we dig that about them, and particularly this song.

The band name is made from the first names of two astronauts: Yuri Gagarin (of then, USSR) and Neil Armstrong (USA). Two pioneers in their own right, forever etched in the annuls of human history.

Yuri & Neil, the band, will try to do the same – in their own right.

3 – 2 – 1, liftoff boys and girl of Yuri & Neil. Keep on going.

All forward thrusters.



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