Yvat ‘Late bloomers’ : Experimental electronica for the collaborative.


Artist of electronic music and sound designer with more than 15 years of studio practice, Yvat is known in the field of experimental electronica for his collaboration with labels as Detroit Underground, Boltfish, U-Cover or Cactus Island.

As a sound designer, Yvat works for the German well-known sound bank Ueberschall Sample Service, being one of Ueberschall’s producers with constant individual releases there in the past years.
Although his style evolved, always changing directions from one album to another, from early IDM to mass-appealing trap, from experimental orchestra to most danceable base, he constantly pursues highest quality of the fine crafted analogue sound and an original touch, easy to recognize in each and every single track he produces.

‘Late Bloomers’ is off of the latest EP ‘Bloomed Up’.


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