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Yves Jarvis Shares ‘Talking or Listening?’ Off Of New Album ‘The Same But By Different Means’.

Maya Fuhr

Gathering of the mind, and gathering of the infinitely personal heart – Yves Jarvis is transparency in a descent down the depths in shifts and fades, cathartic in trust, while mindful in the realms of inspirational and damning self-realization.

The new album ‘The Same But By Different Means’ is available today.

Montreal based Yves Jarvis is Jean-Sebastian Audet, who’s previous project was under the moniker Un Blonde. Now with another version of his musical interpretations of and for life, the interpersonal and the personal, intertwine seamlessly, in that vaporous and liquid middle.

That ‘middle’. The place where undefined comes to play along side the crystal jaunts of life’s colors. Mixing with the tantric auras, the delightful and constructive, merge to shape the next steps in thought and possible answers.

The album contains works from 14 seconds long to 8 minutes. Not framed by time, the singles depict moments in step, never stepping over each other.

“This year is my transition into Yves Jarvis where I’m not only widening the scope, but deepening the picture altogether,” said the artist.

“I really have to ask – talking or listening? That’s all I want to ask with anything I do now, I think. It’s this spectrum and it’s this dichotomy that I’m interested in exploring. Both sides of everything, and everything in between.”


Maya Fuhr


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