Yves Jarvis ‘Victim’ : Mindful in the realms of inspirational and damning self-realization.

Yves Jarvis

Yves Jarvis (Jean-Sebastian Audet), creates music that is at once warm, haunting, and unfamiliar while remaining inviting and kind. His music is idiosyncratic neither by design or by chance; it just is. It mutates and shifts, as he does, through cycles and phases.

‘Victim’ is the first single from Yves Jarvis’ since 2019’s ‘The Same But By Different Mean’. It represents the things that make his work compelling: careful folk noir, tender r&b flourishes, and pillowy vocal beds.

Montreal based Yves Jarvis is Jean-Sebastian Audet, who’s previous project was under the moniker Un Blonde. Now with another version of his musical interpretations of and for life, the interpersonal and the personal, intertwine seamlessly, in that vaporous and liquid middle.

Gathering of the mind, and gathering of the infinitely personal heart – Yves Jarvis is transparency – mindful in the realms of inspirational and damning self-realization.


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