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Yvonne Hercules Shares ‘Wolf Cry’. Night Falls. Gavel Strikes. Love Torn.

We guess we can be considered ‘going steady’. We’d featured YVONNE HERCULES’ single ‘Gladiolus’ couple of weeks ago. Then now this ‘Wolf Cry’ single comes to our desk to be pried and reviewed.

Relented. Obviously. Can’t be helped.


Because the song is poetry in sonic form. Like, literally publishable poetry.

It’s a delicate bouquet of flowers. The kind that only lives INTENSELY for a week. Not the ones that last more than that.

And we think ‘intensity’ is important. Yvonne’s attitude in the singing of this song is surely confident, but shift the crystal just a degree, and you can feel the ‘thought of insecurity’.

Quickly she takes it away, however. For showing that ‘insecurity’ is damning, and can be used in that court of worldly loves.

“Don’t reveal yourself to him.”

Night falls. Gavel strikes.

Main lights shut down.

Exit stage left.

Her new album ‘Gladiolus’ is out now.



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