Yvonne McDonnell ‘The Savages’ : Palpable and exudes with conviction.

Yvonne McDonnell

“Inspired by the work of Edgar Allan Poe and Jim Morrision, ‘The Savages’ highlights the struggles of wanting to be true to yourself and what you want to do with you life. It goes through the motions of choosing fulfillment over complacency.”

East London based, Yvonne McDonnell’s music has gone from strength to strength since she first started performing at university, with recent play on BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio Scotland to add to her impressive catalogue of supporters.

Like a whisper in the night, Yvonne’s distinctive and Celtic lyrical vibrato, casts our imaginations into a nether world. Of love and lips, of hips and embraces, the deep story of ‘The Savages’, embolden the might of the individual. A barrier at many, it often can be the sole thrust to becoming the best version of you. A you, which you’d always wanted to be. And when Yvonne’s beautiful vocal expressions, deliver in spades, you feel privileged to witness this majestic drama.

A silent storm, of words and heart, ‘The Savages’ is palpable and exudes with conviction.


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