Zaamwé ‘New Whip’ : A human struggle, noted by a talented producer, becomes our common story to revel.


Darkened embellishments, scar our memorial landscapes and dawn on our masquerades of inhibitions and lack of certitude. Relationships, here and now, never cower under such pressures. And when they buckle and sway along the haze of emotional shades, things become realized and unforgivably real.

“This song is based on a girl I was seeing last year named ‘Ruby’,” said Zaamwé. “On the surface level, it seemed like everything was going well for her in life. However, she battled with demons of alcoholism and promiscuity. ‘Ruby’ was often too prideful to heed advice from others and continues to struggle on her own.”

Light agitation is all that it takes for Zaamwé to bring out his utmost best so far. And in ‘New Whip’, a tale that has been told umpteen amount of times, becomes fresh and prolonged into the receptacles that we call honesty. A human struggle, noted by a talented producer, becomes our common story to revel and maybe to learn from.

Look for Zaamwé to release an animated visualizer and music video to this single.

‘New Whip’ is part of the upcoming EP ‘My Friend, Ruby’ (this autumn).

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