Zach Kleisinger ‘A Response to Donald J. Trump in Tulsa, June 20, 2020’ : BC Proceeds go to Urban Native Youth Association in Vancouver.

Zach Kleisinger

“A song about an event that blew a hole in my brain and froze my body to a chair.”

In a year that keeps on giving (meaning, all of us a middle finger..), the torrent of confusion and nastiness keeps on settling on the countertop of our forward moving societies, to slow things down to a backwards looking ignorance that has certainly become.

We won’t know how our decency will survive, and in what form, after the era of Donald J. Trump, but one thing’s for sure, a new way of and to live, must be weighed from every point of societal angles.

Zach Kleisinger’s commentary is just one of thousands. Zach’s single is what the public feels, from both practical and political point of views. It’s an alarm that is just one of many alarming hints.

Zach wants to know if ‘progress’ won’t turn into ‘regression’.

Who knows. But we’re all here. We’re stuck on this blue ball. Let’s roll up our sleeves, shall we?

Zach’s 2018 EP, entitled ‘I Hope Its Calm, Then’, showcases a delicately refined sound by the young Canadian. The EP began in Montreal when the songwriter was closing out a cross-Canada tour.

“In regards to everyone who is interested in the song, I am going to donate all of the proceeds on bandcamp to the UNYA – Urban Native Youth Association in Vancouver to help them build their new Youth Centre.”


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