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Zachariah // NOVI // Geneviève Racette // Cubbi // Chiara Dubey

Zachariah – Thinking About You

ZACHARIAH’s single ‘Thinking About You’ is that glorious of stages in a relationship. The beginning. Where everything and anything is possible. From the physical to the emotional, there doesn’t seem to be any limit. “‘Thinking About You’ is about the beginning of a relationship – and the uncertainty of it all. It’s the possibility of someone thinking of you and just that being the most exciting thing. Early parts of love are the best– you’re kind of in a fever dream of sorts. It feels like everything- the night, seasons, music, exist only for the two of you. I wanted to capture that feeling in this song.” That segment of love makes the world seem brighter. You’re brighter. Your partner feels the same. Bullets won’t be able to stop the both of you, in unity. Let’s enjoy it to the full.

NOVI – Cant Love Me Feat. Tyler Blackburn

NOVI makes us feel right with the world. And when a duet between her and Tyler Blackburn of Pretty Little Liars comes into play, there’s only one thing to deduce. The soaring vocal cavalcade of the duo makes the future seem bright with glimmers of success, redemption, love, satisfaction, contentment. “Tyler and I have been Best friends for many years,” NOVI stated. “Working on music together has been a great joy and we look forward to creating continually along this line. We both cried while singing this song, as the truth of the words resonate with both of us.” Carolyne Neuman is NOVI and the pop songstress is effortless in her presentation as she takes us in her arms and surrounds our senses as they deem. With palpable emotions, pulsing into clarity, ‘Can’t Love Me’ resonates, hitting all of the proper buttons. Her music are licensed for future TV shows, so watch out for them all.

Geneviève Racette – Magnetic Love

Beautiful singer/songwriter Montreal’s Geneviève Racette’s approach to music beams with such honesty. Like a touch from your beloved, there is never mistaking the sensations you feel, with eyes closed, with heart wide open. Receptive and draped in candor, her lyrical works are exceedingly layered further with the habits of her singing tensions. Of emotional tensions, in a love that is so good, that you are afraid that it will end very soon. Fleeting premises glance at the feet of two diverting choices. One is of the past – of a burning desire and love. And in the next is the future that is unknonwn, yet freeing and full of newer promises. The choice of seeing a lover from the past, seduced by the past memories, you pause from your day-to-day. If this fair? You must decide. Geneviève’s gentle sweeps in her vocals makes this scenario as real as it could be and so relatable to many of us listeners.

Cubbi – White Lies, Like Flies

Cubbi is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Dynamic melodies, and a distinctive approach to music construction, gives him the resources to dig deep into what makes our listening hearts tick. ‘White Lies, Like Flies’ draws boundaries from pop and alt, but never impinging upon the senses to really care what it really is. Cubbi isn’t here to be cute with the music he disseminates. It’s an art form factor that he utilizes to make poignant and relative lyrical extensions. An out reach from his chest to yours. A bridging of rhythmical knowledge that might someday will incline to becomes something more than just waves of sounds. Substantive, electric, subtle and pervasive, Cubbi’s talents for such expressions, impress. Cubbi deals with the ‘raw’ and ‘intimate’; looking at the battles with ‘sexuality, addiction, mental illness and heartbreak’ that live in the underbelly of our modern society. Like a mystery writer, Cubbi, weaves a tale that converges to that sharp and undeniable point. This single is one of those examples.

Chiara Dubey – A quiet place

Classically trained, CHIARA DUBEY, seeks truth and affirmation through her songs and her singing. Lyrically guiding, her words take you on a magical ride, ripping through collages of the past and of the current, with majesty and glorious romanticism. The Indian-Swiss artist, based now in London, is to complete her masters in vocals at Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP). Not just a end to itself, the emphasis of extruding every ounce of energy from her expressive amendments, flourish with story telling vitality that exudes and consumes. ‘A Quiet Place’ is a piano driven ballad of self discovery and introspective architecture – of this and the next of life that can exist. A mental and emotional exercise of decadent dreams and delights, the story of the protagonist chimes in multi-dimensions of sights and smiles. Will it be alright? Will everything turn out okay? With Chiara singing, it just all might.


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