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Zaia // Stainwasher // CLARA-NOVA // Paper Anthem // Lou Ella

Zaia – BLUE

20 year old ZAIA breaks boundaries. Breaks inhibitions. Breaks this world where we live. The alt-pop artist is drizzled in significance with ‘BLUE’. When he melds together hip-hop, r&b, rock, soul, and 70’s funk music for his musical offerings, we die. And in this single, you can have a taste of what kind of a producer he is and of how he sees his colorful interpretations he champions. Zaia’s debut EP, “Drive” (2018) made headway for what is innovative and aesthetically fab. And he returns with this newest single to kick off and continue his drive for the unique and indelible vision for his music.

Stainwasher – After All

Her debut EP is out now. And we’d been smitten with her atmospheric and haunting vocals, drowning in a kind of invective sorrow that acclimates to the individual listener’s personal whims and outlooks. But it never parries to utter pretentiousness as each not hones into sonic reverence and balance. They are her, and each one is a bit of her body plus soul. Her music is a gateway for her to escape for a bit. The best part is that we can hitch a ride with her, to that glimpse of what’s to come. “My lyrics can often be interpreted as metaphors but I often mean what I’ve written literally,” said STAINWASHER. “ It’s weird because I like to think that I make music to distract myself from things but at the same time the music is about stuff I want to escape from. It’s contradictory but for some reason it works.” The Sweden based artist is beautiful to listen to. She’s been searching. Let’s join her quest.


Clarity is CLARA-NOVA. Her penetrating vocals is the sword to reveal the middle goodness of ‘Free’. In the latest single, C-N soars, as usual – and then some. Wrapped in tactical vocal effects, laid bare over the folk acoustic sensibilities, she flies high and deliciously over this world. ‘Free’ is – nay – must be, your go-to anthem for what it means to be YOU. YOU are nothing else, unlike anything that has crawled in this world. YOU are nothing, unless your heart blooms with inspiration and self-powering proclamations. YOU are nothing, unless you are free and free to be YOU. Soundscape in this indie art-piece is gratifying, exhilarating. We cheer at the glory of the vastness, and internally cheer like little boys and girls. CLARA-NOVA is in demand, and you can see/hear why.

Paper Anthem – 21st Season

JOSEPH HITCHCOCK explained about ‘21st Season’ that: “It’s about a man who begins to involuntarily time travel after a storm in the Bermuda Triangle. He pops in and out of random time periods. In one of them, he thinks it’s over and has time to start a family and have children, and then he’s taken away from them again… He’s just trying to find a way back to his son.” Storytelling is in his DNA, as his parents have been artist with the knack for that skill, he’s expanded it further with his own brand of such demands. “I always know very early on which songs go where,” he explains. “Though all written together, these new tracks felt very unique to a separate journey.” He’s talking about his upcoming sophomore album ‘To All the Sailors We’ve Lost’ (June 14th), and with it he’s looking to drive a wedge between conventional and the elusive. ‘21st Season’ willingly lets you off from reality and sums up with a tell-all thought exercise. ‘What if..” The tapestry quilted exhumes our lust for color once more and we dig it to bits.

Lou Ella – Summer of Love

The Universe has nothing on LOU ELLA. She returns to us with a debut EP and with it her single ‘Summer Of Love’. Her distinction is a mix of r&b, soul, pop and tinges of shimmer from sensibilities that are in the best tradition of Sade, Strisand, and Lana Del Rey. With the framework of indie-rock and pop guiding the field of play, the beautifully and subtle visions of this single comes to fruition. The poignant vocals stylings of LOU ELLA gathers forces like a tropical storm and lands with grace. The song is about ‘lost love’ and explores once more through the looking glass of the self, in a menagerie of shattered and incomplete memories that satisfy. Captivating and charming, the single succeeds in driving the impassioned circumstances to well up and explode into new gallantries. We all succeed in this kind of love and affection.


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