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Zanibar Aliens – Hometown

Statement of fact is what ZANIBAR ALIENS is all about. Also, they are all about life, liberty, and the pursuit of that next tasty ride on their skateboards. Simple. Direct. Something that you cannot disagree with; a notion and commentary about a day-in-the-life that we (deep in our hearts) want coming true for ourselves. Done in the 70’s psyche-progressive rock frame, ZA is a band from Portugal which gets it right to the heart of the matter. No need for formalities or un-necessary pomp and circumstance – they are here for one thing only. The band consists of: Carl Fernandes, Filipe Fernandes, Ricardo Pereira, and Diogo Braga. And they want you to hang out and get right down to drinking that sweet juice from the tree of life. ZANIBAR ALIENS is a fabulous and talented band, with the classic rock-ness oozes in all the right ways. We’d recommend you listen to the full album of ‘Zanibar Aliens III’. The satisfaction will be evident quite quickly.

Spielbergs – Five On It

2018 had been a fabulous year for the SPIELBERGS, an Oslo based rock band with the chops that has garnered much praise and adulation from peers and publications. And what we can safely predict is that on and after February 1st (release date for their full album ‘This Is Not The End’), the strings of accolades will blossom, for deep in our human hearts, we dig fuzz and growls from guitars and the like. It’s an animalistic urge we succumb, then cultivate. ‘Five On It’ is a single from the upcoming album, and with no apology nor regret, the band kicks a fat ‘F-U’ to the world with this single. The contrasts of the vocals (and harmonies) to the fuzz laden chords, makes it as challenging and delectable as that Chicago styled pizza slice. Juicy, thick, satisfying, and ultimately a part of the food chain that sustains. Word. The band is made up of Mads Baklien (guitar, vocals, synth), Stian Brennskag (bass), and Christian Løvhaug (drums). They keep on making songs that keeps our taste buds singing.

Joseph Wayne Miller – Hospice

JOSEPH WAYNE MILLER has been pumping out music ever since his birth in Dallas, Texas. Well, not at that immediate moment, but at an early age he’d focused on making music that was as perplexing and enigmatic as the starts that dot our night skies. Following up his latest album ‘Tumbleweed’ in 2018, he’s planned to release several singles for the 2019 year, starting with ‘Hospice’. Influence by country, rock, psyche, and many facets in between, the ‘hokey’ placement of JWM’s songs is a puzzle unto itself. But out of all the confusion of genre, one thing that always is exquisite is Joseph’s writing and execution for the song. ‘Hospice’ is a close encounter with elements of new-wave that has coalesced with indie-rock, with the kind of reflection that only JWM can express. The always melancholic vocals tend not to reveal too much in his songs. And that’s good, because it’s what draws you to his pieces. A factor that can’t be written down on paper, elevates our senses to a higher level. Well, at least that’s what we think of JWM’s songs, anywho.

Feren Isles – Natural Selection

You’re not you, until you become the real you. The marching of the lyrics to the beats of a dystopian future’s orchestra, FEREN ISLES’ single ‘Natural Selection is a manual for a better you, a better thinking will, and a better connection to the life you lead. Read from the front to the back, for the manual of the body you inhabit, is best optimized by the mental strength of your heart and inner spectrums you deem important. In this nu new-wave, FEREN ISLES knows what you have hidden, for he’s a producer who grew up in a small Mennonite community in Manitoba Canada, his hunger for a ‘new kind of freedom’ was ever desirable. Shaping the world as he’d like it to be, he inspires in his synth driven songs of instructions and optimism. Expressive, emotive, purposeful, Feren keeps the headlights on, as he traverses a new world of possibilities.

The Duke of Randwick – I Know

We still don’t know too much about THE DUKE OF RANDWICK. But as this second single had come across our desk, there wasn’t too much hesitation on featuring it on this list. The same angst and uneasiness, portrayed through the project’s songs makes it a full on ‘good time’ in trying to dissect such a malignant segments of sonic emotions. The seeping under-currents from chord to chord, makes our bodies heavy with anticipation and maybe thoughts of dreading what’s to come. The future of now, curled up in a ball, doing nothing – expecting much. That’s the toll put upon ‘I Know’ to the listener, generating masses of contradiction and doubt inside our tiny listening brains. Don’t worry though. As you will – we’ll all survive and get through it all.


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