Zebrah ‘Dimension’ : Light up the dark skies with hope and individual glimpses.

Zebrah / Photo: Noisette Martel

Zebrah is the artistic project born from the minds of Pauline and Kevin. “…There is no place for freedom… Most of us get caught up in our lives trying to please everyone. This song will only please one-self and focuses on whoever would listen.”

Turn of the dial. A majestic look, into the beyond. Love and love never torn. Asunder, to pray – in delight of the haste and disdain.

Rousing somber, inhibitions, tattered in the puddle of mud’s life-absolution. Gracing in the mounds to never-over.

Crying. Defying. Denying. Collapsing in a heap of confusion and desperation.

Is this where we lie? Is this where we can embrace, once more?

“Please tell me.”

The two artists bring subtle ambiguity, into the light of truth and personal revelry with ‘Dimension’. Like a ballet dance, the decadence of Pauline’s vocals, and Kevin’s righteously affectionate framing, light up the dark skies with hope and individual glimpses.

See them next @ The Half Moon Putney, London January 23rd.


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