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ZEDSU ‘PUUUUSSSSSSYYYYYY!!!!!!!’ : Function of his artistic grandeur.

None-obtrusive vision.


The expression through our primitive method of communication, sometimes fails us when multiple clear meanings have to be well… enhanced. These are not those times, no what artist ZEDSU wants to highlight.

With pop punk vibes framing this hooky anomaly of a single, Zedsu’s single ‘PUUUUSSSSSSSSSSYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!’, is straight forward and in your face.

But at the same time, prefers tints of contradictions that just makes you scratch you head a bit.

Chaos is at the forefront of the song. But if you dig a bit, it’s a very compelling, none-obtrusive vision for a song, from an artist, from the depths of a soul. Feeling superficial is a conduit to those deeper meanings of life.

Or not.

Who knows.

One thing’s for sure. Zedsu has fabulously produced a song that is very distinctive and hauntingly earworm-y in its weird way. A daunting single that feels just ‘surface’, but it digs at your ribs, to tell you that it’s certainly more than that.

The New Jersey native has began to make quite the buzz for himself in the underground hip-hop scene. His versatility in mixing genres and when not, is a key to his form and function of his artistic grandeur.



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