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ZEM Shares A Vision For Deliverance In Single ‘Mama Baba’. Debut Album Drops This Summer.

It is in our view that YOU don’t understand the significance and the outright uniqueness that presents itself in ZEM’s single ‘Mama Baba’. Ayla and producer duo Broke ‘n Tipsy has made a new world of music in this gritty deliverance of palpable emotion and hook laden explosion.

Said the band: “We got to know each other when we toured with Cleo who introduced us during her work with Femtastic, which lead to our first collaboration. During this time all three of us felt like we wanted to create and experiment more together and the result of this is what you’ll see here.”

ZEM’s set to release their debut EP this summer.

The forward thinking electro-pop offering is both expansive, aggressive, understanding, affectionate to every touch of your bodily cells. From the coursing pulse of the bass framing, the slow burner relieves every part of your stress, with Ayla’s delectable vocals, massaging the Universe into every crack of your soul.

With hooks as prevalent as a mined field of war, you walk with full confidence of where they lay, as you don’t care where your next dimension of existence will be. You lay it on the line, as the vibes in pastel and primary, slice every crack and pop of your joints.


World building.


The song is a feeling of “frustration and why we look at each other as strangers and our innate desire to feel connected with our surroundings in a world that is always changing. A naive dream about a united earth and the longing for deeper connections.”

The collaboration deems veterans of the game to come together with significant force of recognition and ample sonic shock and awe. The reliving of pasts unto the pallet of the ‘now’ – a story telling style from the trio, makes a life worth being tasty.



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