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ZEM Shares ‘Wan’t U To Know’ Title Track From Debut EP.

ZEM is a blend of the majestic, dipped in a vaporous illusion, which glitters in the plains of a far off Universe.

We’d first became acquainted with the trio from Sweden with their single ‘Mama Baba’, stating then: “The forward thinking electro-pop offering is both expansive, aggressive, understanding, affectionate to every touch of your bodily cells. From the coursing pulse of the bass framing, the slow burner relieves every part of your stress, with Ayla’s delectable vocals, massaging the Universe into every crack of your soul.”

“We want to give the listener an experience that really can be felt,” said ZEM. “In the body, in the heart, in the stomach and in the soul. That same experience we had when we were making the EP. Our hope is that we can connect with those who listens through frequencies, sounds and melodies that come together and makes the listener feel embraced.”

With singles that have hit mix maximal impact, ZEM has quickly built a brand that traverses uniqueness and helps comfort us all in experiencing new fascinations.

The trio consisting of singer Ayla and production duo Broke ’N Tipsy”.

‘Want U To Know’ is the title track of heir debut EP (available now).



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