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Zhaojiabang Shares ‘La Patience’.

Working in corporate isn’t the worst thing that could be in an individual’s life. Things could be worse. However, like in many things in life, it’s about the health of the worker’s ‘motivation for exposure’. This means how much he/she is ready to ‘sacrifice’ for the ‘rewards’ they seek and expect (to a certain degree), at the end of that process.

Everything in life is a choice, with some kind of result, a summary, a tally.

Being paid to do a service for a corporation is a choice, just like anything else.

Being paid to be a freelancer in a chosen field is a choice, just like anything else.

And each and every step, there are only ‘degrees’ in which you can try to ‘give up’ for a certain ‘luxury’ down the line.

Calculated risks are the norm.

You are good at one thing and think a freelance job can be achieved. Then go for it!

You think staying for all the safety of a management job in the Fortune 500 company is better. Go for it!

But as mentioned, we all must eat our decisions.

Mental, emotional, physical, social – all these packages, diminished or not, are on you and you alone.

Just commit.

ZHAOJIABANG’s debut EP is being worked on and they are committed to inserting themselves in the hard-rock conversation, internationally.




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