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Zimbru Shares ‘Divination’. “Love reverberates through-out the inklings of a passing shadow.”

Disco-punk band from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, ZIMBRU, hits us up with delicate subjects, enticing synth acrobatics, and succulent textures in art and form. ‘Divination’ is their latest single and music video, where bandmates Teodora Retegan, Paul Bucovesan, Andrei Bobiș and Oana Pop, gives us access to lap up the golden riches of that brilliant wall of sound.

Love reverberates through-out the inklings of a passing shadow, cold and rapid, with never a stare or whisper. But you know its presence, as soon as you come up for air, in this intoxicating and exasperating world of the living.

The crew of ZIMBRU writes songs of delicious tongue-in-cheek fun, with the gray aspirations in rapturous colors of the Universal rainbow of emotions and secretly kept personal deities. The mounds of synthesizers, with sharp guitar riffs, bang away like the sun’s rays. The band tackles stories of “dancing, lost pets, real love and nostalgia for never experienced past decades.”

The band stated: “Divination is about loneliness in the (dis)comfort of your own home and how we’re taught to socialize this loneliness with people around versus how we treat it after everybody has left the party. It’s about maintaining a forced illusion of peace for the exterior world.”

‘Divination’ is off of their upcoming debut EP (September 6th), and it is hauntingly beautiful in its construction. The melodious rancor, delves deep into the subject at hand, as the dead-pan consumption of a plight, demonizes and contextualizes the longing and loneliness we can often relate.

Look for more explosively majestic singles from the Romanian band.



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