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ZIMBRU // Forest Ray // Of Shiloh // Seascapes // Laurent Bourque

ZIMBRU – Little Creatures

‘Little Creatures’ is a pop song about heartbreak, fashioned around 80’s power ballad drums, sprawled sequencers and longing translated into synth and guitar melodies. The song is about all the binds of friendship you’ve nourished after losing love. Old friends, new friends trees and pets who put you back together again. Like Humpty Dumpty. The crew of ZIMBRU writes songs of delicious tongue-in-cheek fun, with the gray aspirations in rapturous colors of the Universal rainbow of emotions and secretly kept personal deities. The mounds of synthesizers, with sharp guitar riffs, bang away like the sun’s rays. The band tackles stories of “dancing, lost pets, real love and nostalgia for never experienced past decades.”

Forest Ray – Back To Bed

‘Back to Bed’ is the pen-ultimate track on Forest Ray’s third full length, ‘a Faded Reflection’. A garage rock song that draws heavily from their bluesy, folksy side of psychedelic side. Consisting of Peter Sumic, Eric Junge, Sebastian Brown Glad, Brennan Moring, Brendan McGovern, and Simon Olander, the band’s nonchalant irreverence combats the notoriety of what’s ahead, just over the horizon. The fun and indie vibes are underpinned with succulent seriousness that embellishes with awe and subsequent resignation. It’s a perfect combination of souls in search, and minds that has resigned to the basics of what life really means. See them next @ Skylark West Seattle, October 19th.

Of Shiloh – Lakes

“Would have loved you more, if you’d loved me too.” In that context, it meant that he’d already loved her, but was in this unrequited echo of emptiness. A hand-basket of unknowns that no one should experience. The angst and nostalgic images portrayed by Of Shiloh is an un-nerving vision. ‘Lakes’ is a slow walk of indie-folk acoustic, solely expressed in full by the story telling of Of Shiloh’s vocals. The incantations of this and of the chest pounding after-thoughts, wiggle out of the skin, as violent auras, emanate with fervor. It’s a hot summer, and an even hotter betrayal. It’s over. And dusted. Of Shiloh’s vocals work like the night – dark, brooding, calm, and vast. And with the lyrics on hand, the combination delivers with vacuous angst.

Seascapes – Timelapse

From ‘Timelapse’ EP, ‘Seascapes’ marry lush blankets of synth with energetic yet casual guitar phrases atop punchy, saturated rhythms, occasionally accompanied by sloshing, drowned out vocal hooks. “The EP serves as a soundtrack to a faded photograph of cherished memories; a love letter to the past veiled in nostalgic imagery of Kanagawa and Tokyo where the memories were created.” The bridge to the past has been severed to a degree. It’s hard to imagine going forward when the past seems so comforting. And as time passes on, and waiting for the day of the past to be accessible once more, the now and the future unapologetically whiz by without your full attention. It’s the longing that makes you old, in spirit. It’s the longing for things that ‘had’, eats you alive, bit by bit. ‘Timelapse’ is a tonal arbitrage to the one who’d not faced the deep and the emotional dark. A cautionary tale, it cheers you on, with the story of a person, with whom, wishes they had time again.

Laurent Bourque – Wait & See

After touring his 2014 debut album, Pieces of Your Past, which won him Canada’s Stingray Rising Star Award, Laurent Bourque decided to put the brakes on and rethink his approach to songwriting. During this creative ennui, Laurent was introduced to the idea of co-writing upon his relocation to Toronto in 2017. Collaboration would be the creative key to the material in his new album, ‘Blue Hour’. The world of art and love and culture feeds off of the private tears of our private lives, crying and shaking and then crying more. In the darkness of our rooms, enveloped in the evidentiary loneliness, we weep with the hint that an episode of our lives have officially ended. See Laurent next @ Burdock Music Hall, in Toronto on October 16th.


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