ZIMINY ‘She (Zoey Deutch)’ : Swooning vision of the song – handsome and debonaire – clings to your sensibilities


With piano thrust in tow, ZIMINY, zips towards us with the fantastically decadent single ‘She (Zoey Deutch)’. The former member of Awolnation, David Amezcua, brings back the classic 80’s vibe that makes any red blooded human swoon with flooding memories and lusts. Passions arise again, as the swooning vision of the song – handsome and debonair – clings to your sensibilities, as you dance to a new and positive horizon.

“Professionally, my instrument has always been bass,” David said. “But piano has remained as my first love. It feels good to get back to it. Sitting back down to write songs on the piano, the first one I wrote was ‘She (Zoey Deutch)’, so it felt appropriate to make it my first offering. Ironically this song literally has nothing to do with Zoey Deutch, yet everything at the same time.”

Word. Contrasts, indeed.

Getting great feedback from the industry, the idilic sensibilities of David’s song writing rises to the top, with angled teases and ultimate connection with the pop in all of us.

It’s cool to dig this, yo.

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Have a blessed week and listen to #ZIMINY #underhiseye

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i always wanted a mohawk. #covid19 #mohawk #eatburritos

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