Zø ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ : Rockin’ good time.

Zø has it goin’ on. ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ is a single that grabs the essence of the past and longs for the future. It takes the 90’s indie-rock and garage aesthetics and brings it into a choral ecstasy with the kind of white-knuckle understatement that clicks.

The project is a project of Soren Crisell, and through his latest LP ‘Wildcat’ he explores styles from surf to shoegaze to doo-wop to psyche to grunge. A varied experiment of exercises, dutifully coalesce in their own, as the constant charm of his guitar work, helps it all glide.

‘Old Habits Die Hard’ is only the beginning as the album offers so much, so readily.

If you enjoy rock of the 90’s and of the early 00’s, the arrangements Zø will bring you to cloud 9.

Zø is a rockin’ good time, and you should partake.

We sure did.


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