ZOË Shares ‘Death Wish’. “Deep, thoughtful. She has a way about her.”

ZOË’s previous single ‘Vulnerability Hangover’ perked our ears and in love. And now we have ‘Death Wish’ by the very unique and talented pop artist.

The Los Angeles based artist has a way about her. And through her music, she expresses her wants, needs, haunts, and concerns with delicious alternative methods and beautifully inlaid suppositions of the heart.

ZOË said of ‘Death Wish’: “On many occasions I have offended people by speaking openly about how damaging white male privilege is and how we need more men to stop being ignorant and entitled and start to speak up for us as allies. Recently, I got to a boiling point where I realized I have seen and heard too many ignorant actions for me not to write an entire song about it. What a lot of men lack is empathy—the willingness to put themselves in another person’s shoes and see the world from a marginalized person’s point of view—because, growing up in their privilege, it wasn’t something they were taught was important.

“If a man put himself in my life for one day, he would feel so much fear, shame, and a lack of respect from others just for being a woman. If he knew what it was like to have to walk around in public in broad daylight, clutching onto his pepper spray, praying no one harasses him just for existing, there’s no doubt in my mind he wouldn’t feel my pain and start to be a vocal ally for women.”

Deep, thoughtful, and empathetic to social outlays of negativity, the prevalent decadence of ZOË is apparent in each exquisitely crafted notes. The pop star to be, kicks it into gear with interesting uses of genre elements to dictate correctly of what she wants to say.

ZOË just has a way about her, and we’re not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops.



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