Zoe Wakelam ‘Acceptable Hell’ : Emotive reflections shine a gorgeous light onto the listening pallet.

Zoe Wakelam

The warrior. The huntress. Connection to the visceral immaculate calmness of love and the outcomes, from forth. Zoe Wakelam’s consequential trek welcomes the truths of the forthcoming horizon, with melancholic inhibitions and jaunting exultance for the betterment, in sight.

When Zoe moved from Australia to the UK in 2008, she experienced first hand the effect of bullying and violent threats.

A series of negative experiences and personal decisions led her to leave high school at the age of 13 to be home educated, where she was able to foster her more creative pursuits in a positive environment. Rather than let her public education go to waste, Zoe channeled her experience into this single. Despite the lyrics’s serious tone, you will find the melody undeniably catchy, and the synths irresistibly dance-able.

Beautifully produced and vocalized, Zoe’s emotive reflections shine a gorgeous light onto the listening pallet. Evening out and balancing, for the cause, the hymn-like vagary, transcends into a trance like envelopment.

Zoe’s got more to tell. Let’s listen.


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