Zola Blood ‘Silver Soul’ : Urgency. In loving. In caring. In tragedy. In gratitude.

Zola Blood

“‘Silver Soul’ is about saying a last goodbye to a time or a place when you’ve outgrown it and you know it’s time to change.” Zola Blood’s will drop their latest EP set May 22nd.

Following on from the release of their widely acclaimed debut album, ‘Infinite Games’ in 2017, the East London based quartet has been working on a body of songs that channel intricate arrangements alongside a more direct and powerful sound. Three years on from their debut album, the ‘Two Hearts’ EP projects ideas of maturity and impermanence as the group deliver a dense electronic sound, that drives home feelings of change. Lead track ‘Two Hearts’, provides a deep driving introduction, setting the tone for the remainder of the EP and offering a harder sound in comparison to their previous offerings.

Hackney Wick originating, Zola Blood, is a complete experience. Writhing and beckoning darkness, protruding gray embers, and anthemically shimmering nostalgia, delight your senses, with utterly palpable beats of heart wrenching undulations and divergence.

Urgency. In loving. In caring. In tragedy. In gratitude.

Matt West, Ed Smith, Sam Cunnington and Paul Brown makes this project as successful as it’s been. With formation in 2013, they have taken synth and digital sounds, delightfully marrying it into this amalgam of sights and sounds, via audio waves.

Zola Blood dives into a string of shows at intimate venues across Europe. Starting with a sold-out show at Colours, London on the May 2nd, with Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague and Berlin, onwards.


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