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Zoochie // Kosie // Mykal Allen // Sun-Riser // John Butler

Zoochie – TALK

Band from New Brunswick, New Jersey, ZOOCHIE is a straight forward offering of indie-rock, with plenty of energy, sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek, and thoughts on life experiences. The mood of ‘Talk’ is lifting, fun, crass, and tells you all you need to know (for now) what the band is all about. The 5 friends from music business class, come together for the one thing that started it all – music. Their first EP ‘Pow!’ was released in November 2018, and is working on a follow up. A good time? Heck yea.

Kosie – Struck Gold (feat. Amber Navran)

Said KOSIE: “The original beat for this song was made on my first iPhone 5 (imaschine) when I took a ferry to a Greek island of Chios to visit a colleague of mine. I specifically remember Amber commenting on a post I made on Instagram in 2014 and kept her in mind as a potential collaboration when the song took full form down the road.” Alekos “Kosie” Syropoulos is a multi-instrumentalist producer based in Los Angeles. Beautifully inlaid shimmer is fashioned with the vocals of Amber Navran in this fab single ‘Struck Gold’. The nostalgia beckons in ‘gold’ as the funky notes and r&b/soul motown sounds, layer with pride and taste.

Mykal Allen – Old Piano

Don’t we all have that same concern? Relationship related, and love anchored, there are troubled times and happiness overwhelming – ‘Old Piano’ is a feel for our days of gray indecisions and black & blue heartaches. Said MYKAL ALLEN: “This all started when I heard Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner”. It was the backseat of my mom’s 1992 Jeep Cherokee heading to Grandma’s house in Ohio. I heard a song that didn’t sound like everything else in the world and I followed Suzanne to the world of ethereal songwriters.” About this single Mykal said it’s “A song about old Craigslist pianos that cost more to sell than they’re worth.” But can mean so much more, eh? His debut EP ‘Pure’ is a delight and is out now.

Sun-Riser – Fightman Floater

Kevin Conroy, Aaron Baer, and Jesse Kay are SUN-RISER. ‘Fightman Floater’ is a vibrant psyche laced pop tune that is danceable and may we say, fulfilling. The topographical rhythms glance at your shy side and with tight production, it shimmers in your inside – right there – where we’re pointing. 7 Years of compilation came to this orgasm of expression, and for that, their audience should be fabulously satisfied. ‘Fightman Floater’ was recorded, mixed, and mastered by producer Doug McBride (whose credits include Rachael Yamagata, Silversun Pickups, Fall Out Boy, The Walkmen, Veruca Salt. Pulling out all the stops eh?

John Butler – It’ll Be Different This Time

Off of his new album ‘Dreams’, ‘It’ll Be Different This Time’ is a gentle walk down memory lane, down by the ocean, with blue shimmering and your favorite gal by your side. We’d called him: “John’s music is the calming sunset on a California beach, with just a feeling of satisfaction and a zero care in the world. At least for that moment. JOHN BUTLER will take you away.” The vibe of ‘innocence’ just exudes from his play, reminiscent of the best traditions of 80’s guitar-pop and prog/new-wave of that era. John’s vocals fascinate, with a distinct, STYX quality to the shine.


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