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Zooni Shares ‘Haze’. “Elevate to another exploratory peak.”

ZOONI is a pop-rock band from the UK. Their poetic single ‘Haze’ is a ‘maze’ of feelings, layered upon layers of human emotions. The beautifully laid out single is just another highlight for the band, as we as listeners relate like no one’s business to the ominously poignant transformative line of notes.

Powerful and subtle; understated and surging – ‘Haze’ lyrics tempt you with the supple caresses you deserve and the textured instrumentals that you’d passionately lacked in your life.

From the clarinet to the stringed instruments, the band’s work isn’t to just graduate to a ‘nice’ song, but to elevate to another exploratory peak by extracting every ounce of resistance from your longing.

The atmospheric decadence never is far away from the band, as the enlightening rock ensemble, waves from here to fore, with abandon and utter love.

For your love.

For the one truth.

The Brighton originating band is made up of Peter Martin, George Godwin, Ben Clark, and Matt Glasbey and they just kill it with ‘Haze’.

See them next at The Waiting Room for the EYOE Presents Show, July 2nd in London.



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