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Zosia Shares ‘Overthrown’. “Feel The Chill Of Exculpatory Iridescence.” Bravo.

Unobtrusive and direct to the point, the music video of ZOSIA’s single ‘Overthrown’ throws the white chalk for truth and highlights the frustrations of society’s habit of negatively treating sexual assault victims.

ZOSIA is also a victim of sexual assault, and she has first hand knowledge of her struggle in battling ‘shame’ and ‘issues of self worth’.

Wheedling a hammer for her causes, and lyrical exorcism as a tool in fighting non-truths, the dark-pop songstress utilizes inspirations from the likes of Isaac Asimov and Pythagoras to get her point-horizons where they should be.

The Los Angeles based artist began her writing career when she was nine. She has now matured into honing her thoughts and philosophies into a package of personal landmarks – first for her and for the world to consume.

‘Overthrown’ is a succinct exercise in beautiful lyrics incorporated with dramatic upheavals and plateaus within. Just like the ballerina in the video, your heart flutters as it listens to the chorus, then your skin feels chill of exculpatory iridescence.




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