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Zuneg Shares ‘Little Black Suit (She Will Die)’.

ZUNEG is a project of Tim Mechaley where he indulges on the questions of life and death framed in a dark and Pink Floyd-esque psyche rock intuitions. The darkness is what the focus is, and there’s no retreat from that plane.

The art piece belongs at a gallery, curating the solum and the other worldly. The marked ‘rambunctiousness’ of ‘Little Black Suit (She Will Die)’ seems harsh, but deeper in the engine bay, the question lingers undoubtedly.

It’s all about the ‘edges’. The edges, when taken care of, the whole room is cleaner for it.

And when the mind is cleared of those edges – where those who take shelter from the middle Earth domination – the world becomes clearer and clarity is the order of the day.

Confronting is the first steps to taking action.

Accepting it get you moving.

We enjoyed this little ‘ride of horror’ from Zuneg. Just like an oaky red wine, the aftertaste is certainly pungent but memorable.



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