ZYkR ‘Fantastic, I’m Plastic’ : Expectations that propagates by our very participation in it.


ZYkR is Aseem Suri and currently based out of New Delhi and Brooklyn, New York, the artist blends elements drawn from rock, folk and electronic music. The music offers an intriguing combination of programmed beats and synthesized electronic sounds alongside sampled recordings, guitars and voices.

Aseem said of the single: “With the pressure to adapt and fit in, I found myself becoming this plastic version of myself, nodding along to things I didn’t believe in. To be that perfect employee. To fit a system of expectations that propagates by our very participation in it. Where the numb feeling of acquiescence and resignation becomes the accepted norm, and the hamster wheel a way of life.”

In March 2019, ZYkR released their first single – a rendition of Nirvana’s Lithium, accompanied by a music video depicting how alienation manifests in urban middle-class households, directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Pranjal Dua.

ZYkR’s debut album is scheduled for later in the year.


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